Personality Quiz: Which 'Normal People' Character Are You?

Personality Quiz: Which 'Normal People' Character Are You?

'Normal People' has been a godsend during the lockdown. The love story of Connell and Marianne has inspired everyone from the Kardashians to the listeners of Liveline and held a mirror up to young Ireland.

With four episodes, we've put together this personality quiz which will tell you which character from Normal People you most resemble. Find out if you're a Jamie or a Connell by answering the following questions.


Normal People is based on the novel by Sally Rooney and many of its episodes are directed by Irish film-maker Lenny Abrahamson. This show has been hugely popular, though its depictions of sex have raised criticism from some older Irish people. The show also airs on BBC Three and Hulu and has proven to be a massive international hit.

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