How To Play The Relationship Game

How well do you really know that special someone in your life? Now there's a game to help you find out, "The Relationship Game" courtesy of LifeLearningToday.com. How to play: reading the following list of questions (and modifying them accordingly, as some questions are not applicable to everyone), you just need two people (or more), taking turns, you must read each of the following questions aloud, then attempt to answer those questions about the other player; if you're wrong, or you just don't know the answer, the other player needs to tell you. Ask the questions in order or pick them at random; the game also serves as a perfect conversation starter. It's perfectly okay to not know all the answers to these questions the first time around, the point is you'll learn what you don't already know during the course of the game and strengthen the bonds of your relationship (be it a friend or a significant other). The game can devolve into a straight-up interrogation, but, y'know, a fun one. If you get to a point where you can answer the following questions all correctly about your person of choice, you can safely say you know them better than anyone else in the whole world.

Be warned: there are plenty of pretty straight-forward questions, but also lots of curveballs.

The Questions:

1) What is your favourite colour?
2) Who do you admire most?
3) Who is your best friend?
4) What is your funniest habit?
5) What do you dislike/hate?
6) What was your favourite dream ever?
7) What was your scariest dream ever?
8) What famous person would you like to have dinner with? What would you talk about?
9) Have you ever dreamed you could fly?
10) What's your favourite smell?
11) What's your favourite song?
12) What do you like to do when you're bored?
13) What's your favourite adventure you've been on?
14) What are you most scared of?
15) If you could live anywhere and bring anyone you want, where would you live?
16) What place are you keen to visit? Far away and nearby.
17) What are you most proud of?
18) Did you have an imaginary friend? If so, tell me more.
19) What was your favourite holiday? Why?
20) What is your favourite holiday memory?
21) What were the best and worst days of your life?
22) What is your favourite food? Least favourite?
23) What is your favourite word? Least favourite?
24) How do you express your creativity?
25) Where do you believe we come from before birth?
26) Where do you believe we go after death?
27) Is there something that always makes you laugh?
28) Who always makes you laugh?
29) If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
30) What would be the consequences if you got your wish?
31) Do you live simply? Explain.
32) What drives you crazy?
33) What makes you smile?
34) What do you know about your heritage? Grandparents and back.
35) Do you have a favourite story from your family history?
36) What's the most shocking thing you ever did?
37) What regret would you like to have a "do-over" on?
38) What's your favourite story to tell?
39) What's your favourite animal? Why?
40) Which is your favourite season? Why?

41) What's your favourite hobby?
42) What is your favourite thing to do on the weekends?
43) What one thing do you want to change in yourself?
44) When did you feel most alone?
45) When did you feel most happy?
46) What do you do to cheer yourself up?
47) With whom would you like to trade places for a day?
48) What makes you mad?
49) Do you want to have children?
50) What's your favourite thing you own?
51) What do you wish you could do?
52) What makes you special?
53) What are you afraid of?
54) What would your dream house be like?
55) Do you believe in angels?
56) Are you ticklish?
57) What's your favourite place?
58) What's your favourite place in nature?
59) Which do you like better: hot or cold?
60) What was your favourite Halloween costume?
61) What was your favourite thing to do as a kid?
62) What's your favourite memory from school? College?
63) What makes you sad?
64) What does your name mean? Why did your parents choose it?
65) What are your favourite clothes?
66) Who's your favourite person to talk to? Why?
67) What's your favourite hiding place?
68) What career do you ultimately want?
69) What do you want people to remember you for?
70) What is your most annoying habit (to others)?
71) In your most difficult relationship, what makes it so?
72) How do you show compassion?
73) What are you always curious to learn more about?
74) Whom do you miss?
75) What do you like to teach?
76) What is your favourite gadget?
77) What do you like to write about?
78) What is your favourite "bad" thing to do?
79) What is your favourite movie?
80) Favourite book?
81) Favourite band? Song?
82) Do you like to go camping?
83) What fascinates you?

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