9 Reasons Why Being A Guy Is So Much Easier Than Being A Girl

I am a guy. Not a particularly masculine guy, but a guy nonetheless. And it is pretty clear that I, and the rest of the men of the world, have been given the sweeter deal. Both genders live roughly the same life, but it is in the little things where it is just so much easier being a guy, and I'm pretty most women will agree with this statement, as well as with the points that follow.


We Don't Have To Wear Make-Up

Going on a night out, or a date, or even just leaving the house in the morning, girls have varying amounts, styles and types of make-up depending on where they're going, what they're doing and who they're going to be with. That's already way too many variables to deal with, so I'm glad as a guy that I don't have to make any of those decisions. Also I'm no expert on make-up (No really I'm not, despite what my friends say), but from what I understand, you have to pay a lot of money for some of the stuff. Money that would be better spent on beer. And steak. And more beer.


Our Clothes Are Cheaper (Most Of The Time)


Again, despite the rumours that my friends spread about me, I have no real knowledge of women's clothes, or how much they cost. I know that you can spend as much or as little as you want, just like for men. But unlike men, women have to buy more clothes, because apparently women have to have a different outfit every night they go out. Compare this to a guy who could wear the same jeans, shoes, and sometimes even boxers, and then just change the shirt to a t-shirt, or vice versa. Of course it's probably advisable to flip the boxers inside out if you do plan on re-using them. You know, for hygiene's sake.


We Don't Have To Wear High Heels

Apparently high heels were originally developed for men, until women wanted them because apparently their legs looked better in them or something, I dunno... But anyway whatever the reason, I'm glad they did. Wearing Converse around town is so much better than any pair of high heels, and any woman who says that a certain pair of heels are comfortable are obviously speaking relatively, compared to being stabbed repeatedly in the feet with a knife, for example.



We Don't Have To Put On Fake Tan

Covering yourself from head to toe with smelly brown liquid, even after you've been in the shower? No thank you. The reason I had the shower in the first place was to wash the smelly brown liquid off. And the less I say about that the better.




There's Less Pressure On Our Appearance

Of course all of these benefits come from the fact that there's much less pressure on a guy's appearance than there is on a girl's. All of the fancy clothes, make-up, tan, fancy nails, fancy hair, and I'm sure there's other things I'm not even aware of, are all part of being a girl. Apart from the added stress that all of this stuff brings, it all costs money, which once again could be put to much better use by buying beer. It's a load of shite really, and hopefully more and more people aren't getting stressed about this kind of pressure and just eat and do what they want.


We Don't Have A "Time Of The Month"

I'm going to tread very carefully around this point because I know it is a sensitive issue for women (no pun intended), but I think we all know why this makes a girl's life so much more difficult than a guy's without going into too much detail, or any detail at all if I can avoid it. And at the risk of offending anyone with my choice of gif, here's one of some really cute puppies that everyone can enjoy.



We Can't Get Pregnant

This is in no way advocating the practice of unprotected sex, a baby isn't anywhere near the worst thing that can result from that. But what I mean is that even if a couple that has been together for years and plan to have a baby, it is still up to the woman to deal with the whole growing of the baby for 9 months. All the guy has to do is provide emotional support, and sometimes food. I realise that this simple task might still be hard for some guys, but it's nowhere near the difficulties or complications that go along with the whole 'growing a person inside you' thing.



We Can Pee Standing Up

This has two huge advantages;

1. There's never really any queue for a public bathroom because using a urinal is so quick.

2. You can pee in public. Within reason of course.


We Can Drink More

I'm just saying this to wind girls up, apparently it's actually scientifically proven. No really, it is. Apparently it has something to do with the fact that guys weigh more, and also, pound for pound, men have more water in their bodies than women, which means that they can absorb alcohol better. What it does mean is that it takes longer to get drunk, but at least you're less likely to be lying in the foetal position in a pool of your own vomit at the end of the night.

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