Reasons You Should NEVER Be Friends With Your Ex

The main thing you can do that will clusterfuck this whole process of moving on - is staying friends with your ex. Here are the 13 really good fucking reasons you need to not be friends with them right now.

Breaking up can be soul destroying. However this brief (or  sometimes extended) period is necessary in the overall process of moving on. The main thing you can do that will clusterfuck this whole process - is staying friends with your ex. Here are the 13 really good fucking reasons you need to not be friends with them right now.


1) Irrational jealousy

It's natural to start to think in terms of getting over each other being some sort of 'competition'. Which will overall lead to some form of irrational jealousy. Fucking hating someone your ex talked to at a party for no reason is irrational and stupid.

2) You.Had.Sex.With.Them.

Going back to a normal friendship after you've done the no pants dance a hundred times and know all each others weird habits is just impossible.


3) Friends group are going to change anyways

One of the main reasons you stay in each others social circle is that you have mutual friends.No one has the same group of friends for their entire lives- its like anything in life- you win some and lose some and when you break up you are most defiantly going to lose some. So man up about it.

4) In the long run it's way better to cut them off

Okay so you were all friends for a while but now its time to get your shit together and move on. Usually the reason you form a relationship is mainly based on sexual attraction not friendship. Therefore 'staying friends' is null and void due to the fact that the main reason you got together in the first place was because you were sexually attracted to each other. Now is the time to move on.


5) Staying friends and seeing them move on can be crippling

and when this happens you WILL go back to the place you were 6 months before. Ie. A dark dark place.

6) You can't turn off your feelings

At the end of the day we are only human- staying in close contact isn't going to give your heart a chance to catch up with your brain.


7) Accidental hook ups

IF you do stay friends you will probably go out together and end up back in bed. This seems like a good idea at the time but it's really going to fuck up the whole moving on process.

8) You cannot move on if you stay friends.

You're actually inhibiting yourself when you stay friends.


9) "We'll stay friends is just a 'mutual contract'"

Saying stuff like "We'll say friends" is basically a verbal contract in which you basically mean "We are not going to talk shit about each other/say anything embarrassing about what we did in bed" after we break up. It does not mean you are going to braid each others hair and watch movies together.

10) You need to give it space- so it can die naturally.

Okay so maybe in a few years you can become friends but right now you need to let it die so you can move on.


11) If you stay friends you'll get needy

The first things you will start to miss about being in a relationship is always the small stuff- movies, cuddles, even just sleeping in the same bed, but if you stay friends you're wading into dangerous territory. However, asking 'Do you want to come over for a movie?'  is going to seem needy.

12) Staying friends on facebook is a different thing

Everyone knows this predicament- you don't want to seem petty by blocking them on FB but don't want daily reminders of them either. To combat this block them from your newsfeed, notifications, and all of their friends who potentially will add pictures of them enjoying their life without you.


12) You will compare everyone they date to yourself

It's not a good thing. If you hear yourself asking your friends - "Do you thing they're hot?" its time to back the fuck off and find yourself something better because anything is better then wondering about who your ex is having sex with.

13) Be a strong person without needing them to be your friend

Therese Walsh
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Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.
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