19 Of The Most Ridiculous 12 Pubs Rules

19 Of The Most Ridiculous 12 Pubs Rules

The 12 pubs of Christmas has become a rite of passage for anyone over the age of 18 in Ireland.


It involves having a drink in a grand total of 12 pubs however, people don't normally survive the night. To top it all off, with each pub there are certain rules thrown into the mix to get people drunker, even quicker. If you're planning on doing the 12 pubs of Christmas and don't know where to start – we've got you sorted.

We've compiled a list of the most ridiculous rules in order to make your night as funny and weird as possible.

1. You're not allowed to call people by their first name

2. You have to hug random fat person

3. You have to carry around a toaster if you didn't follow the first rule.


4. You have to order a drink beginning with your first name

5. Swap your shoe with your friends

6. No toilet break

7. Everyone must put on an accent in every pub

8. You must have someone else feed you your entire drink

9. You have to speak entirely in Father Ted quotes or else you drink


10. Lefty pub (drink with your left hand)

11. Silent pub (after ordering your drink you can't speak)

12. Call the barman Guinness, 'I want a pint of Heineken, Guinness' if you get Guinness you have to drink it

13. No pointing

14. No swearing

15. No one is allowed use their phone


16. Everyone in the group has to ignore each other and pretend their strangers

17. No one is allowed to touch their drink off a surface

18. You have to do a full spin every time you make eye contact with someone

19. Finally...everyone must have a drink in the same toilet cubicle


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