She's Funny, Independent, And A Demon In Bed: 16 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is A Keeper

Guys put a lot of time and effort into finding the right girl, but you'll only find out if your girlfriend is a keeper or not once you ignite that relationship and spend some time together. Should you dump your girlfriend or is she a keeper? Here's 16 signs that she's the one for you and you should hang onto her.

1. She gets along well with your family.

Your girlfriend gets along like a house on fire with your family, mostly your mom or sister, but your dad likes her too. Just don't make the mistake of introducing your girlfriend to your family TOO early - that can potentially be a drastic mistake.

2. You share a lot of the same interests.

Your conversations never get boring because you share a lot of the same interests and always want to pick one another's brains. You both like the same bands, watch similar TV shows, follow certain sports or have the same taste in movies. That's always a great starting point to any relationship.


3. She isn't clingy or overly-attached to you.

She doesn't dig her claws into you and go crazy when you haven't responded to her text in 2 hours. A clingy or overly-attached girlfriend in the early stages of your relationship should be a red warning flag. If she's that clingy now, imagine how much worse she's going to be a couple of months down the line.

4. She buys awesome birthday gifts.

She buys you the best birthday gifts, and she does it all without asking you what you want - which makes it all the more surprising!


5. She's a demon in the bedroom.

She always comes up with new and interesting ways to spice things up with you in the bedroom. The sex is never boring or flat, and it just keeps getting better and better.

6. She doesn't hold grudges over silly arguments you've had in the past.

She doesn't bring up a silly comment you said 6 months ago for the sake of shutting you up and "winning" the argument. She leaves the past behind, and so should you.


7. You still get a little jealous when she's talking to a guy.

You can't help but feel a slight tinge of jealousy when you see her talking to another guy, even if it is totally platonic. A little jealousy is always good - it's a solid indicator of how you really feel about her. Remember: a LITTLE jealousy.

8. She occasionally asks you about your day, rather than telling you about hers all the time.

She doesn't blab on and on about her all day - she knows when it's time to talk and when it's time to listen. She'll talk about her because she wants to tell you, but she'll also ask you how you're doing.


9. She's independent.

She's completely comfortable doing things on her own and doesn't need to be in constant contact with you.

10. She understands that you need some time to yourself.

As well as that, she understands that spending too much time together will make you both go crazy, so she knows that you need some time to hang out with your friends, or be by yourself from time to time.


11. Sex aside, you genuinely enjoy her company and having her around.

She's quickly becoming your best friend. Being with her is like hanging around with one of the guys. You thoroughly enjoy just chatting or laughing with her, and doing mundane everyday things like watching TV together.

12. She makes you laugh so effortlessly.

She has the power to make you laugh, whether it comes in the form of her saying something totally random, joking around or lovingly making fun of you. Any girl who can make you laugh easily is definitely a keeper.


13. You know you can confide in her about something personal if you ever need to.

You know that she is always there for you, and can keep a secret or help you out with any personal issue you may be struggling with.

14. She avoids gossiping.

Gossip and chit-chat aren't things that she likes to engage in. She's not one for spreading rumours, and treats others how she would like to be treated in return.


15. She doesn't freak out about your past.

She realises that you've had previous girlfriends and it doesn't bother her. She's dated other guys too, and you both are comfortable and happy with where you're at now. And if you're REALLY mature, you can talk about past relationships, and how and why they didn't work out.

16. She likes you for you, and doesn't want to "change" you.

Last but certainly not least, she likes you for you. It may sound like a cliché but it's true. She doesn't possess this internal need to change you, or mold you into something different. She realises that you're not her human Ken Doll.

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