Why She's Not Messaging You Back

You never thought you would be that guy. You thought, or should I say assumed, that you would always be in control. You saw the lads become totally whipped and it made you weep for mankind. But then it happened to you. You went out to Dicey's on a Tuesday. You met her at the bar. You even paid for her drink. You found her on Facebook and sent her a message. Two days later and no reply. You are completely head f**ked. This is unfamiliar territory. There The following are the reasons why she might not be texting your back:

6) She has a boyfriend

You don't need no cheating ho.. good riddance.

5) She's just not interested

It's a bit of a shocker and to be fair she's definitely a rare breed to feel like this but she might genuinely not be interested in you.


4) She's a feminist

Stay away from these…  You do not have the tools for that job.

3) She's an asshole

You were saved on this one, completely saved….


2) She died

It's a bit full on but it can happen. A freak taxi took her out as she left the club. You were the last thing on her mind for sure though…

1) Your hair wasn't quite so perfect

You see, Michelle wasn't there in the Grafton Barber and you stupidly decided to let José Luis do it and he F**ked it up..

He is to blame.

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