Shit Left Handed People Have To Deal With

Just 10% of the population are left handed. From tin openers, scissors, and the supposed 'fact' that all left handed people die sooner then then everyone else- left handed people get a pretty hard time of it. Here are some of most annoying things about being left handed.

1 Oh My God- Are You Left Handed?!!  

Well no shit Sherlock. Best reaction is to look down at the pen in your left hand and scream OH MY GOD I THINK I'M LEFT HANDED. It's for situations like this is why the phrase "DUH" was invented.

Well Hello There Mr. Tin Opener

Every lefty will feel my pain here. Why should we have to risk life and limb for a tin of beans? It feels so unnatural if you try use your right hand and when you use your left you end up twisting it about at some weird angle. Easy open tins all round.


All University Desks Ever

Very rarely do any universities consider left handed students when it comes to desks. Having to awkwardly turn your body so that you can write with your arm stretched across yourself is just not fun.


We just don't make the cut. Nearly all scissors are for right handers they just don't feel normal. Our ability to cut things will be forever inferior and who has time to go by a special left handed scissors. Boo hoo.


Smacking Elbows When You're Trying To Eat 

Oh sorry, excuse me, oops. Eating when your a lefty is fine - this time its the righties that cause the problems. You're supposed to use your fork with your left hand but it's when right handed people decide its okay to eat with their right hand too and this is when the problems start. Just no. And shove over!

Inky Hands 


This is just the worst, dragging you hand the wrong way along a page means you'll have a big inky hand by the end of the page.


All controllers are made specifically made for right handed people, which means that they have a unfair advantage. Probably means left handed people aren't as great at grand theft auto.

All Fucking Spiral Notebooks and Ring Binders 


Another thing not made with lefties in mind- You always end up writing with your arm stretched across your metal. Just no.

Ball Point Pens 

This is the only thing that is apparently so bad about being left handed (apart from all the biblical refrences how lefties are evil/dangerous//abnormal) is the fact we have to 'drag' our pen across the page. Well do you know what ? We write just as fast as righties. So there.

Lefties Die Earlier Then Everyone Else 

It's a scientific fact that lefties die 7-9 years earlier then everyone else (mostly because of fatalities to do with Heinz tins).

But On The Plus Side ... We're Also Proven To Be Better At Sex.

LELO's 2014 Global Sex Survey asked 10,000 people how satisfied they were with their sex lives, and the lefty/righty divide was dramatic. A whopping 86% of lefties claim they're "extremely satisfied" with their sex lives. Only 15% of right handed reported the same.

So maybe we're shit with scissors but I'd rather be better at nookie. Leftie Out. 

Therese Walsh
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Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.
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