Why It's Sh*t Being Stuck In The Friend Zone

The friend zone is a horrible place to be, it's where any man who is just not good enough gets put by girls. All the signs are there that the relationship could go to the next level but she places a road block in the way, a road block called the friend zone. Here are the reasons why it's shit being stuck in the friend zone.

15) No meaningful physical interactions

You might get the odd hug every now and then or she will punch you on the shoulder when you slag her but other than that you can't touch this. You will never get any meaningful bodily contact like a peck on the cheek or holding hands, no, that's only reserved for her next boyfriend.

14) When someone asks "Are you a couple?" She always says "No, we're just friends"

When anyone mistakes you two for a couple she is quick to remind everyone that you're just friends. It can be soul destroying for a guy and you would love it just once if she said that you were boyfriend and girlfriend.


13) You grow increasingly jealous of couples

Anytime you see a guy and girl holding hands or kissing you get insanely jealous and wonder why you can't have that. Jealousy quickly turns to hatred and then you can't stand the sight of them.

12) You try so hard and get nothing in return

You do everything you can get her to like you, but you still don't get any results. You try to make her laugh, she barely chuckles and you compliment her and says thanks. The guy she ends up going out with doesn't do shit  for her and she get's week at the knees.


11) Awkward Hugs

Sometimes you don't even hug, but when you do, it can be quite awkward. You make the most of it while she is clearly only doing it just to be nice. There is nothing worse than someone not fully committing to a hug.

10) She acts the same as one of your mates

She insults you and calls you names because you're best friends. The worst thing about it is that it's not even in a flirty way it just feels like you're hanging with one of your mates.


9) Those dreaded two words "Awww Thanks"

When you text her or give her a compliment she always comes out with those two words. For some guys it's the first time that they fully realise that they are in the friend zone.

 8) She asks if you are seeing any girls

There is no clearer sign than you are in the friend zone sign than if she asks if you are seeing any other girls. She is diverting the attention away from you and her and onto someone else. You still think you have a chance with her so you tell your not seeing anyone.


7) That awkward moment when you think it's a date

Early on in your days in the friend zone you will have that one time where you thought because you're going out for dinner with her that it's a date. You dress really well, get a haircut and get her flowers only to realise that she brought her friends along with.

6) Your common interests are a crutch rather than a gateway

Usually when a guy and a girl talk their common interests are a gateway to having a connection. When you're stuck in the friendzone your shared interests become what you always talk about but  it never progresses from there.


5) Everyone else knows, but you still  can't see it

You still just see your relationship with her as having potential and that it's going somewhere. It could, but only if you get out the friend zone, otherwise you will spend the rest of your days desperately trying to get some while she still only sees you as friend.

4) You always fit her into your plans, but she always seems to be "too busy"

You text her out of the blue and ask if she is doing anything, but she is always too busy. Anytime you do hang out, it's on her terms and you only go where she wants to go. Of course she asks you if you mind if her friends tag along.


3) You can't figure out what it is she doesn't like about you

You like the same things that she does and you get on really well together. So it must be your looks or how you dress that turns her off. There is one thing that is to stoping her from giving you her full commitment.

2) When you try to flirt with her, she calls you cute...

You try and flirt with her and make advances, but she says that you're cute and it drives you mad. There is nothing more soul destroying than being called cute by a girl when you're trying to flirt. She is basically saying nice try, but i'm not attracted to you so stop flirting.

1) If you don't take action you will never get out

If you're stuck in the friend zone and you want more with the girl, you have to make a decision. Either you leave her and move on, or you somehow try and find you're way out. Many a man have tried and failed, but it takes sheer determination and will to get her to look at you differently.

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