Signs You Should Intervene In Your Friend's Relationship

It's hard to know when to stick your nose into somebody's else's relationship. Should you intervene, or is it any of your business? It's a thin line to tread, the one between meddler and saviour. To know your moment during which to take action, look out for the signs you should intervene in your friend's relationship:


If someone allows themselves to be bossed around by their partner, this is usually because they're deluding themselves. It boils down to a self-esteem problem and it's this problem that stops them from taking matters into their own hands. The downtrodden person rationalises a defence for staying with their succubus of a partner: perhaps they think their boo is hotter than them, maybe they think no one else could love them for all their flaws. All the while, they fail to realise their shitty partner doesn't deserve the high esteem in which they're held. If you gently ask them about their relationship problems, they'll try to brush it off.


Relationships are all about give and take. But sometimes one person will become dominant and take liberties wherever they can. It can be about the little things cleaning up, sharing chores, splitting bills  and in isolation, overlooking these things can be no big deal. However, if the responsibilities are constantly taken by one of the couple, then things become ridiculous: the beaten-down one becomes a slave and a financial supporter. If your mate's relationship becomes all take-take-take, you need to sound the alarm.



You need to be careful with this. If you're wrong, not only could you ruin your friend's relationship under a falsehood but you could also ruin the friendships between you, your mate and their partner. However, if you are 100% sure, you have an obligation to tell your mate the truth. Your friend won't thank you if you leave them in the dark when others obviously know what that cheating fuck has been up to.


This is unacceptable, as soon as you see this there should be no question about stepping in. I'm not just talking about physical abuse here, but also the more common verbal abuse. Harsh words can wear a person down, to the point where your friend can be so cowed that you won't be able to recognise their personality anymore. Sometimes you just have to defend someone who, for whatever reason, can't defend themselves. So to all those dominating, abusive types out there: do you really think we'll just stand by while you take advantage of our friends?

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