You'd Rather Study Than Hang Out With Her...Tell Tale Signs You Hate Your Girlfriend

Every relationship starts off with that intense loved-up emotion. After time that disappears slightly. You can't always be the newlyweds! As time goes on, do you find yourself growing to hate your girlfriend?

There are 15 distinct signals that you hate your girlfriend.

15. You're very envious of your single friends.


You look at your guy friends and wish you were them. You constantly think about how happy you were when you were a single man.

14. At a party you immediately abandon her.



You'll do anything to get away from her! You weave your way in and out of a crowd of people so she can't find you.

12. You owe her a birthday / Christmas present.



You 'forget' to buy her gifts.

11. You don't bother to hide it when you check out other girls in public.

You're walking through town holding hands with your girlfriend when an attractive girl passes by. You feel your head uncontrollably turn around as your eyes follows them. You don't care if your girlfriend gives you shit for it.

9. You don't say 'I love you' to her anymore.



Those 3 words are extremely important to the ladies. Even if you shout it while you're running out the door. You cringe at the thought of saying those words to her again.

8. You have fights with her friends.

An early sign that your relationship is heading for the scrapyard is when your boyfriend has fights with your friends. The way to win a girl is through her friends, but it is also the way to lose her!

7. You choose to study rather than spend time with her.


This is an immediate red flag people. Any immediate changes in your boyfriend's dedication to studying that aren't brought on by a life crisis, usually points to them becoming bored with you.

6. You drink alone with her just to make her more bearable.

You find your girlfriend more bearable with a few drinks on board. Drinking at home alone together somehow makes her more interesting (may also be a sign of alcoholism).

5. You are easily irritated by her.


You find yourself cringing at her jokes, which you once found cute. Rolling your eyes at stuff that she says is a major sign.

4. You pretend you have other plans to get out of spending time with her.


Lying to your girlfriend to avoid spending time with her. You should really know by now that it's well beyond saving.


3. You start going out on a lot more guys nights without her.


You go out with the lads a lot more and never invite your her along.

2. You never cuddle in bed anymore.


Rolling over immediately after sex and assuming the back-to-back position. This is a worrying sign.

1. You turn down sex with her.

An outrageous event that almost NEVER occurs. If your boyfriend turns down for no reason it is only ever for one of these 2 reasons: He is waiting for his chlamydia (which he hasn't told you about) to clear up; or he has lost his interest in you and the relationship is close to the end.

Ian Smith
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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.
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