13 Signs You're A Man-Child

Nobody likes growing up, some hate it more than others, other just take it to a weird new level. This is known as Man-Child Syndrome which the Urban Dictionary defines as

'a grown man who is very immature, therefore considered a man child'
i.e. - Dude you need to grow up and stop being such a man child

Here are a few sign you or a friend might be sick:

1. Watches Cartoon with Breakfast..

Doesn't want to acknowledge the real world or watch the news or something that might count asintelligent viewing he just want cartoons, fun colours and junk.

2. Breakfast Consists Of Chocolate Cereals..


Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. Health is not this Man-childs mind he just want tasty stuff that has an interesting wacky character on the box and possibly a free toy inside.

3. Wears Superhero Sock & Pajamas..

Needs a constant reminder not to grown up too fast (or at all). He also needs to show the world what he is all about, easy 'nd fun living. And Comfort.

4. Pixar & Disney Movies Are Your Fav..

Disney and Pixar movies are this guys jam. He can quotes and sing the lyrics to most, if not all, Pixar and Disney movies and whenever you are going to the movies he always suggests the lastest kids film.

5. There Is The NEED to take A Nap..


Coming down from the sugar rush of Coco puffs and chocolate milk this guy will surely need to recharge his batteries in the middle of the day.

6. Laughs At The Word Fart EVERY TIME..

Farts can be funny but this guys just need to hear the word  and he giggles like a tickled lama every time.

7. Gets Read A Bed Time Story..

Can't sleep without a lovingly read bed time story from his mum of dad.

8. His Favourite Band Has Not Changed In Ten Years..


He hasn't developed and niether has his music taste. Usually blasting out Green Day or maybe even Busted. Remember them? Now he have Mc Busted must gross mutant baby of the two.

9. Favourtite  Author Is Dr. Seuss..

Lad has not ventured over the horizon and descovered that The Cat In The Hat is probably not the most challenging or influential novels of all time.

10. Favourite Poem Is a Nursery Rhyme..

Edgar Allen Poe, Yates, Will all these poets told hold water against the great minds behind Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Humpty Pumpty. 'That shiz is unreal.'

11. Has Liga Baby Biscuts On Him At All Times..


Grown up snacks just don't taste as good with milk. This Man-child  need his fix of childhood food every now and again just keep himself down to earth.

11. Still Makes Pillow Forts..

While watching movie or just a boredom wave washes over him a fort is the best escape from the trials and tribulations of adult life.

12. Sleeps With a Cuddle Toy..

The one item that this guy cannot live without is his cuddle buddy. Nightmares are at bay when Hugsy is around.

13. Sleeps With A Night Light..

Another helper to keep the nightmares at bay and the fear of the dark is not a concern. He needs you to also check the closet for monsters before he curls up to sleep about Power Rangers..

Chris Duff
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