Snapchat: The Why and The Who

Where would we be without Snapchat? How would we be able to see that one of the people from school that you haven’t spoken to in years is “just out for one” with "the girls". Not forgetting that random lad from the club a few months back who is having “some sick gains” for dinner (you’re having chicken and brown rice, grow up). Snapchat has given us the chance to creep more and more into the lives of people for years now, but why has the popularity increased so much for bloggers and companies in the last year? Do three different people really need to show us the same package they’ve all received on the same day? Of course they do, and here’s why.

Why use it?

To put it simply, Snapchat is the easiest way a brand, personality or blogger can get a direct line to their target audience. It's free to set up and the whole process requires very little effort on your part. It is an opportunity for bloggers and personalities to deepen their brand by taking their audience further into their personal lives, and showing them what they get up to on a day-to-day basis.  By having a presence on Snapchat bloggers are making themselves more accessible to their audience, they can engage in conversations and suggestions, which will increase popularity as it takes these people off a pedestal and makes them seem more natural. If you’re an incredibly nosy person, as I am, you will love to opportunity to see what your favourite bloggers are getting up to on a normal day, what they’re opinions are on the little things in life and if you’re lucky, what kind of dog they have. For a company, Snapchat can be an incredible resource when it comes to selling. If a brand is using Snapchat wisely, it will eventually turn these 10-second videos into actual sales. Sure it's no wonder that so many people are jumping on this snap happy bandwagon.

Who to follow, and why:

1. James Kavanagh (jameskava).

James Kavanagh’s popularity has simply skyrocketed in the past number of months and quite rightly so. His humour is second to none, and with reoccurring themes such as scaring his partner William you can’t help but be delighted when his name pops up in your most recent stories. James and William have recently launched Currabinny, a food company which has created the now infamous Glamnilla biscuits. In short, James is v gorge.



2. Victoria’s Secret (victoriassecret).

I don’t know what it is about pretty matching underwear, but I just can’t get enough of it. The VS Snapchat is the perfect place to catch all the behind the scenes action from photo shoots, and when the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is on, it’s like all the Christmases have come at once. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about eating a full pizza to myself while I watch these beautiful supermodels strut their stuff half naked just feels so right.



3. Kate McCulley (Adventurouskate).

Kate McCulley is an American travel vlogger with an infectious attitude. The combination of her bubbly personality and her beautiful snaps of her travels are enough to make it feel like you’re travelling the world with your best friend. From Asia to Central Europe, her snaps are sure to give you serious wanderlust. She will make you heavily consider dropping out or quitting your job and hopping on the next plane to anywhere, you’ve been warned.

4. David and Stephen Flynn (thehappypear).

Twins David and Stephen Flynn are quite possibly two of the happiest people on this Earth. These two super cool and chilled brothers are the pair behind The Happy Pear, a grocery store and restaurant based in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Their positivity is relentless, and quite frankly contagious, and their approach to food completely smashes the myth that healthy is boring. Their delicious healthy recipes will leave you drooling onto your phone, and their yoga practices will make you want to whip out that old mat that you had great intentions for. Even if you Namaste in bed instead of joining them for a morning run, you practically feel healthier just from watching their stories.


5. Drinkageddon (drinkageddon).

Ever wanted to learn how to make really cool drinks to impress everyone? Well with this account it is easier than ever. This Snapchat account shows you how to make the yummiest and most aesthetically pleasing drinks there are, and they make it look incredibly easy too. Alcohol has never looked this good, and with this account your party invites are going to soar, and even if they don’t you’ll be able to make the best drinks to ease the crippling loneliness.


Video: Making A Living On Snapchat



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