Stage 5 Clinger: 12 Signs He's Way Too Into You

Okay, so you swiped right, it was a perfect match, he is super into you... but is he too into you? Does he want to see you every hour of the day? Are you getting 67 Instagram notification all from your new guy? Is he just too much? Here are 12 tell tale signs that he is just way too into you.

1. He always wants to see you.


He wants to see you and only you every night. You're going out with the girls? That's okay he'll tag along to that too!

2. After one date he announces you on Facebook.



So the first date goes well. Bit of chemistry and loads of lols. You wake up the next day and all of a sudden you are FBO - woah chill!

3. He wants to meet your family immediately.


He is dying to sit down with your fam, he's even added them on Facebook.


4. He is always picking fights.


A guy who is constantly picking fights with you is probably way too needy. He wants your full attention all the time even if that means arguing.

5. He is king of over the top gestures.



I mean, we all like a romantic gesture here and there, but crazy over the top gifts and gestures after a couple of dates are a tell tale sign this guy is all about buying your love, big red flag!

6. The PDA is OTT.


No one needs to witness someone eating your face. NO ONE.


7. He questions your squad.


Sisters before mistas. A needy guy will always question your squad because he wants you all to himself.

8. He is already planning your Summer... in October.



Too Much!

9. He won't stop texting you.


You get a hundred messages and when you don't text back immediately you are inundated with frantic messages and missed calls. Chill the beans!


10. He doesn't have any friends.


Maybe the biggest red flag of them all, much like a girl, if a guy doesn't have any good friends - you have to ask why.

11. He stalks your social media.



He likes every single post and requests you to change your Facebook status to "In a Relationship".

12. He makes you feel guilty.


When you're with your friends he acts like it's the end of the world and you have cut him deep.

Ciara Smyth
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My name is Ciara. I am founder of the blog Lipstick and Lime. I am from Cork and live in San Francisco. I love travelling, the colour black and pancakes!
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