Getting Off Tinder And Into The Real World... How To Tell If You're A Shit Flirter

Flirting can be tricky so I've put together five ways you can tell if you're a shit flirter..

1. You use winky faces in texts to try create a 'mood' 

Please stop that now, it's just plain creepy

2. You don't know the difference between cute and cringey 

Calling a girl your 'special princess', telling her how she is your entire world and overly expressing how much you love her is going a tad overboard and will most likely make her want to vomit.


3. Your flirting is limited to online

If you're a keyboard gangster and can only be flirty and have banter with a girl over text or online you need to work on your skills. Sure you might get that hot girl from Tinder to meet up with you but when it's awkward in person you won't be getting a second date.

4. If any of these topics come up you may want to rethink your strategy: 

If the conversations steers toward talking about the weather, politics or childhood pet names you're heading down the wrong path.

5. You take the joke too far 

A bit of friendly banter can be good when it comes to flirting, but make sure you know where to draw the line or you could end up insulting them. Important tip is to make sure to never mention a girls weight or eyebrows in a joke, there's no hope of you recovering from that.

jodie Brady
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