The Tell Tale Signs Your Boyfriend Isn't Over His Ex Yet...

You’re smitten with your new boyfriend, and he’s almost perfect in your eyes — there’s just one minor problem. You have a hunch that he may not be over his ex. Sometimes you wonder if it’s all in your head, but other times you suspect that there may be a method to your madness. Instead of pushing your thoughts aside for a rainy day, pay some closer attention to his actions in order to find out whether or not your suspicions have any validation. Here are some tell-tale signs that your man is still pining for his ex...

1. They still like all their ex's selfies on Facebook.

2. Their ex is one of their best friends on Snapchat.

3. They show up at the events their ex is at.

4. They like all the ex's status's and favourite their tweets on Twitter etc.

5.  They keep looking for any excuse to bring up their ex in conversations.


6. Everyone keeps telling them there still not over their ex.

7. They still have pictures of their ex on their phone.

8. They still try and start up conversations with their ex's by text or private mail.

9. They are kissing and hooking up with everyone they come into contact with to try and prove their over their ex or to try and move on.

10.  Anytime someone mentions their ex's name the head turns immediately.

So if he's showing any of these sign's.... Run for your life. He's clearly not over his ex and you don't want to waste your time. NEXT!

Emily Keegan
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Emily is a self-confessed film freak who basically converses in movie quotes. After four short years of Media Production and Harcourt Street studies, Emily now divides her time between sunny Rathfarnham and the College Times offices, where she enjoys sharing her wisdom with you, the adoring public!
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