That Awkward First Time...

It's the first time your getting “intimate” with a potential boyfriend.The first time tends to be short and awkward. Unless you're so drunk that your confidence is at Jennifer Laurence standard. Usually the uncomfortable occasion goes a bit like this.


You have reached the destination. You both know what's going to happen.Sitting on the couch, bed, uncomfortable kitchen stool. Your shifting then your brain kicks in. Maybe I should try get his pants off. Nope that's not happening. Fucking buttons. My hands are so sweaty.I'm much drunker than I thought I was.

Fuck it I'll just take off my top. He realises what is happening. Everything gets drastically faster. He goes through the paces.While all along you're thinking. Where are we going to have sex. Here? what if my roommates walk in. On this stool? that will not work. He is far too tall for this angle.


Most of the clothes are off at this stage.I hope he's not thinking the shower. I'd have to turn the immersion on. Thats not a sexy sentence. Where did I put them condoms?! I'm much drunker than I thought I was.

Thank god he has one mine have JLS on them. All systems are go, actual sex commences.My hair is everywhere.This is such an unflattering position. On top will look better. No wait this is so much worse.I really need to get into that crossfit thing. Wtf is crossfit anyway. My breasts look like eggs.

Oh it's over...already...

Chloe Christie
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Student at I.A.D.T, lover of the Dangerzone.
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