The 15 Most Incredibly Sexist Adverts Ever

Sexism, it's always been a touchy subject but the following 15 vintage adverts take it to the next level.

Feminists beware...

15) Nice eyes, Nice hair, Nice teeth...

But if you've got the B.O, you can forget pulling a man

14) So The Harder The Wife Works...

... It doesn't even rhyme, let alone make any fucking sense.


13) Blow In Her Face...

This is a Don Draper original

12) A Woman Can Open It

A MORTAL woman?


11) If Your Husband Finds Out...

Domestic Violence will ensue and you're fucked basically.

10) Shoe Her It's A Man's World...

And get that bitch to kneel the fuck down.


9) Women Don't Leave The Kitchen!

They just stare out the window and wish they were dead

8) It's Nice To Have A  Girl Around The House...

Wait... what?


7) Christmas Morning She'll Be Happier With A Hoover

Nail on head there I'd say.

6) Shh! Mom's On The Warpath!

This one actually suggests that a woman should relax in the bath which is actually some what refreshing compared to the others.


5) "That's right sweetheart...."

This one has to be a joke

4) The Chef Does Everything But Cook

It gives a hell of a blow job!


3) "Don't Worry Darling..."

What a compassionate man.

2) Wives...

The sad thing about this one is that it still happens.

1) Do You Still Beat Your Wife?

Because you SHOULD

Aren't you glad you're living in the 21st Century now..

Sarah Finegan
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