The 6 Different Levels Of Hot Men Explained

Dear men of the world. You may think that you can put every woman out there into various different boxes-hot, cute, beautiful, sexy, pretty, attractive, but fear not, we can do it to you too. Don't think that you've got the rights to categorizing people just on their looks, two can play at that game of awfulness. Here are the six different levels of hot men and what they really mean;


Cute is the kind of man that doesn't have all of the looks from the goody bag, but there's still something there. He's the kind of man that you want to hug. You just know he wouldn't fuck you over or break your fragile little heart. He looks kind, caring and oh so considerate. He's essentially the one that you're probably going to come back to after being fucked over by all of the men see below...



Attractive is man who possess relatively good looks, but for some reason you find yourself highly attracted to them. They might not be traditionally good looking but there's something about them that makes you want to kiss them spontaneously. These men are dangerous, maybe even more so then the downright hotties.





There's nothing like a handsome man to get your pulse racing and your heart a fluttering. A handsome man is one who is (generally) tall, dark and oh shucks, handsome. The handsome man carries himself well, dresses well, smells well. He's usually classically good looking with a strong masculine presence, oh my.




The sexy man is one who makes parts of your body react by just looking at them. Strong intense looks with sexy thoughts almost visibly flashing before his eyes. You can imagine this sexy beast buying the lady in his life lingerine and rose petals on a Tuesday. His body is a temple and he basically glows. He favours candle light above all else and you just know that between the sheets is where this beast really comes to life. He's sexy and we all know it.


Do you know what the best find in the whole world is? A hot man who isn't aware of just how hot he actually is. Hot men carry themselves in a different way to everyone else. They can get any woman they want, you practically melt just looking at them. To pull a hot man is a serious achievement and anyone who does so should be proud of themselves. Just don't expect a long and loving relationship with Mr Hottie because he's pretty unlikely to ever settle for anyone who isn't an eleven, like him. Nice try though.




Being a beautiful man is the very pinnacle of life itself. A beautiful man is one who can literally stop you in your tracks and startle you. He's just that damn stunning. His features are so perfect that Picasso himself could have drawn them, his body seems to be chiseled by the gods. You could never, ever make a move on Mr. Beautiful though, because getting rejected by someone this perfect would be the ultimate mortification. Just admire from a safe distance.


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