The 7 Best First Date Films To Get You In The Mood

Ah, how the act of 'courting' has drastically changed over the years. Back in the day it was meeting your potential girl's parents wearing your fanciest garments and trying your best to convince them to let you take out their daughter. These days, it's bringing someone back to your house, putting on some TV and seeing how the night plays out. We gotta adapt for change and who's to say that a night in can't be one of the best dates you've ever been on? All you gotta do is set the right mood, if you catch my drift. And what better way to do that than by picking one of my top 7 first date films:

1) Friends With Benefits

Rather than be something that takes itself too seriously or comes off way too preachy, this film proves itself to be a laid back take on romantic relationships. The message simply states that dating can be fun and easy. Plus it also contains copious amounts of sex which is sure to put you kids in the mood for...well sex. What more could you want?

2) Crazy, Stupid, Love

A bit of Ryan Gosling for the ladies and a bit of Emma Stone for the fellas. It's sure to have both of ya'll in stitches. I dare you to try and do 'that move' from Dirty Dancing as she laughs at your failed attempts to lift her above your head. 'Cause I'm having the time of my life.

3) Zombieland

Nothing makes you feel more grateful to be alive than watching a film that deals with a dystopian world where the people are few and far between and the zombies are plenty. Plus it's packed full of laughs and cute moments. "Damn girl, imagine this happened, we'd have to repopulate the earth or something". *Cue the mid-70s porn music*

4) Shrek

It has a great message of always being true to who you are and of accepting people regardless of how flawed they may be. And if you want a second date, you'd better pray that she accepts you for your many, many flaws. Plus the soundtrack is so uplifting, it's good times all around.

5) Cruel Intentions

This is easily the sexiest film of all time. I'm not even being dramatic when I say that. DAMN. I couldn't even watch this around the lads. Sarah Michelle Gellar just floating about being all sexy and evil, while Ryan Phillipe is the smoothest fucker of all time. This is a sure-fire mood setter, so stick it on and never look back.


6) Speed

This film has action, danger and SPEED. Which, unfortunately, could be a precursor to the 'speedy' sex you may have after. Despite that, it's a 60 minute plus thrill ride of pure adrenaline, with hints of romance sprinkled in. As first date films go, this is a pretty good choice if you ask me. Which, since you're here reading my article, you must have.

7) Moonrise Kingdom

This film is absolutely fucking beautiful. Honestly, there are no words to accurately describe how perfect it is. It expertly portrays young love in all of its ignorant, brash, brilliance. It'll have you both sitting on the couch fighting back tears of joy and waiting to jump one another once the film is over...Yeah, it's that good.

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