The First Episode Of The New Young Offenders Seasons Looks Savage

The First Episode Of The New Young Offenders Seasons Looks Savage

With the latest season of the Young Offenders ready to air on RTÉ this Friday at 21.35, the return of Cork's most lovable langers couldn't come at a better time.

Over the years, we've seen Conor and Jock steal a tuna, jump into the River Lee, tell Roy Keane to f**k off, and pee on their principal Barry Walsh. However, with the arrival of baby Star at the end of Season 2, fans might be wondering if parenthood has changed Jock and his partner in crime?

Yeah, that's not happening!

In fact, it appears that things are going to get even more manic in the Rebel County and wherever there's trouble, you know that Billy Murphy is close by.

In terms of the official synopsis, the opening episode of Season 3 states that: "With the arrival of baby Star, Jock struggles with his parental skills. Billy Murphy, meanwhile, comes up with a masterplan to carry out a heist to steal a consignment of high definition televisions and involves both Jock and Conor. However, drafting in young Star causes chaos."

Truth be told, we're big fans of Billy Murphy genuinely thinking that it's a good idea to strap a child onto the top of a van.


Take a look at what's in store when The Young Offenders returns to our TV screens this Friday at 21.30 on RTÉ1.


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