The Tan Trials - Xen Tan

The Tan Trials are back with the hot new thing on the market : Xen Tan. Xen Tan's website has this to say about themselves:

"Founded in the USA, Xen-Tan is the brainchild of a group of dedicated self-tanners who were unhappy with the dry skin, orange finish, bad odours and mess that often came with fake tanning products. So they developed a range that was easy to use, smelled fantastic, left their skin nourished and guaranteed the most flawless, healthy-looking tan every time"


I was lucky enough to get to try out their "Moroccan Tan" for College Times. Moroccan Tan is enriched with Argan oil, and usually I'd write off something like that as a scabby buzzword marketing ploy that makes no real difference to anything but honestly, this time I did notice. This tan is so so so moisturising, and sinks into the skin right away with no horrible oily residue that comes with so many tans. Moisturising properties aren't something I'd actively seek for in a tan, but multitasking products are always nice! It was also very smooth to apply, and didn't dry too quickly or too slowly!



And now onto the bit we all want to know about : the colour.




AMAZING. While I've been impressed with the tone of tans before, never in my life have I been so impressed with how NATURAL and yet still very very dark it is. Love love love. It's more of an olive tone than most tans and I'd imagine has much cooler undertones than most tans. 10/10 for colour Xen Tan, I am impressed.

Check out my pasty transformation. Yes those are my legs after that week of sun. You can see why I'm so eager to try these tans.


Orla Byrne
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