Things You Say When You're Going Through A Dry Spell....

If you're not great at flirting, dry spells can be frequent and annoying. If you or one of your friends are currently experiencing a significant dry spell, chances are your standards are lowering and desperation is seeping in. You're bound to say some of these things during a bad dry spell;

1) I miss sex.
2) It's just like playing a sport, want to exercise?
3) She is so stupidly gorgeous I just want to punch her in the tits.
4) Have you heard from 'Insert Ex's Name Here'? Is he still single?
5) Why will nobody sleep with me?

6) What's the point of buying birth control if I'm not getting any?
7) Do I even need to bother shaving?
8) He's such a slut...can you give him my number?
9) Love isn't real, it's a concept created by card companies.
10) If there are so many fish in the sea, how come none are swimming my way?

11) Fuck, I drunk dialled my ex last night....again.
12) I'm single and ready to mingle, like seriously can you set me up immediately?
13) Tinder is so annoying, no one wants to sleep with me they just want to go on a date. What is all that about?
14) Let's go out tonight. Anybody?
15) Is this outfit sexy or slutty? Which would get me laid tonight?

16) Don't you dare leave me alone at the bar.
17) There's a hot guy coming over, fuck off now.
18) Why are there no single hot guys? Shots?
19) Why will no one take advantage of my willingness to have sex?
20) Mornings were a lot more fun when sex was involved. In fact, everything was a lot more fun when sex was involved.

21) Wouldn't it be great to control periods? Then, seeing as I'm not having sex I could use up a few months now.
22) I'm not desperate I'm just....horny. I still have standards, promise.
23) I'm not lonely, I have me. *Ahem*
24) Fuck it, I'm lonely, my vagina is not unlike a desert right now.
25) *Typing to Ex* 'Hey :) u out 2nite? ;)'

Rebecca Fox
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Becky Fox is a fun loving foxy lady who will never apologise for who she is. All about girl power and Lara Croft cosplay. A freak in the sheets and a bitch on the streets. Don't cross her, she has enough wit in her pinky to reduce you to tears. Fan of beanies and sunglasses and doing whatever, or whoever, the fuck she wants.
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