Why It's OK To Hate Your Sister

If you have a sister, especially a younger one, you have experienced the butter melting rage she can instil in you. Hate is a strong word but here are the times when it's OK to hate your sister.

1. Her Make Up stuff takes over the bathroom

2. She takes forever in the bathroom, even when she's not going out

3. She flirts with your mates

4. She clogs the shower drain with her hair extensions

5. Sings every Taylor Swift song loud, proud and out of tune.


6. The clouds of hair spray, fake tan and god know what else, are deathly

7. When she has friends over and her screaming friends are so loud you can't hear yourself think

8. She uses up all the hot water

9. The TV is constantly on E!


Kardashians non-stop....*eye roll*

10. Her 'once a month rage' is excusable.

11. She give the dog rediculous hair cuts

 12. Her constants complaints about meaningless things that you have no interest in

13. She eats all the good food


 14. She turns on the waterwork whenever and gets away with crashing the car/being caught stealing/forgetting her keys etc

15. None of her mates are good looking

16. When she's in a bad mood, everybody's in a bad mood

17. Her boyfriend is a d*ck


Chris Duff
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