How The Tinder Panic Button Will Work

How The Tinder Panic Button Will Work

Online dating can be great fun, but it does increase your likelihood of crossing paths with creeps.

Thankfully, Tinder are unveiling a so-called 'panic button' feature that you can use if you're really concerned on a date.

Here's everything you need to know about the new security measures:

Tinder has been working with a company called Noonlight on the panic button. Essentially Noonlight will connect with emergency responders and send them very specific location should you access their service. Emergency responders will then be dispatched to your exact location.


You'll have to opt in for heightened data sharing in order to avail of this service.

The technology will be unveiled on January 28 in the US. There's no word on when the technology will be released in Ireland and Europe.

Tinder will also be working with AI technology on photo verification to prevent catfishing.

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