Why Us Women Need To Empower Each Other

We live in a time where we spend more time bitching about other people, than having a genuine conversation with our friends..

It’s sad but true.

When we look at girls, our first instinct is to judge them, what are they wearing, why those shoes though, and seriously, look at her nose!

Girls are so judgmental, about everything, and everyone, but in particular, each other.

But why?…Competition? Jealousy? Insecurities?

We should embrace each other, support one another, and stand up for each other, you know... GIRL POWER!


My life as a young teen would have been a hell of a lot easier if girls in my town lived by this motto.

We strive to fit in and be ‘popular’ in school, getting up that extra half hour early before school just to plaster on our make-up and curl our hair.

We dressed in our best, and were out to impress, and lets face it, it wasn’t just for the boys who hung out down the street, it was to have the best profile picture on BEBO and be flooded with compliments.

Instead of girls commenting about how great you look and how nice your shoes are, it was computer trolls just bitching and judging every aspect of your appearance.


Like, “OMG did you see those flowers on her head, what was she like at all!! #hippie”

I know because I’ve done it, fishing for a blemish, a fault, anything that I could use against this bitch who kissed my boyfriend two years before we started going out.

It’s time to make a change girls! For everyone’s sake we should be standing together.

We already have enough judgement from boys...We have enough insecurities from them... Being made a fool of, being called ugly, being used, being cheated on.


Is that not enough without having the girl you used hang around with shifting your boyfriend on the sly at a house party!

Then blaming the girl calling her a slut and giving her a right slap but yet STILL STAYING IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE GUY... WHY?

Girl Power is where it’s at ladies, we need to fix those broken ties between each other, get over the fights we had over boys when we were 15, and tell each other when we are looking hot!

  • Being envious is a sickness.. it takes so much effort to be hurtful and hateful, life is easier when you smile. 

  • Smiling will even make you feel better about yourself, just smile at that girl who once stood on your feet in stilettos at a disco, after all it was six years ago now. 

  • Tell a friend her outfit is cute, even if you do see her everyday
  • Like a girls selfie’s on Facebook, even if they do post five every day… and look the same in each one. 
  • Do shots with random girls on nights out instead of judging their Penneys jumpsuit!
  • Don’t be so fast to judge, a lot of girls (myself included) are just simply shy! Please don’t mistake this for stuck up, rudeness.
  • It takes me so long to be able to talk to anyone unless they openly talk to me, I’m far from stuck up once you take the time to get to know me!
  • Try harder with those who seem hard to open up to, or those who are quiet in the group.
  • Not everyone is as outgoing and bubbly as you!

  • Stop talking about yourself all the time, take the time to listen to your friend and show an interest in their lives.
  • Even if it’s recurring boyfriend problems, don’t just roll your eyes at the mention of his name.
  • If you think a random girl is looking well in the public toilets, tell her...guarantee it will make her day! 

  • If you spend most of your time bitching about your friends, either you’re the problem, or they are. 
  • Get rid! they’re clearly not the right kind of friends if you’ve so much negative things to say. 
  • Surround yourself with people who support you, and your goals, and as much as they hate your boyfriend because he’s a major ass, they will keep silent because they just want you to be happy. 

  • And remember girls, being a girl is not a competition, so stop comparing yourself to girls better looking than you, girls with a bigger ass than you, and that girl who used to date your boyfriend because out there, is a girl comparing herself to you, and all the things you hate about yourself 
  • There are girls wishing they were as skinny as you, had your eyebrows, or your curvy hips, remember that.

  • If every girl stopped being out to stab a dig at each other...for every little thing, imagine how peaceful the world would be? 

It’s 2014.. it’s time we all stood up for #girlpower 

Jennifer Purcell
Article written by
Journalism and New Media student in The University of Limerick, come follow me on Twitter for all the banter!
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