...When He Says "Your Friends Are Kinda Hot"

When you're going out with someone it's inevitable that this'll come up, you and your girlfriend are getting to know each other and she drops the "so do you like any of my friends?" question. Very tricky. You gotta be careful because you can't say they're all hideous, nobody likes people insulting their mates, and you can't say that you think they are all knockouts either. But guys c'mon, stuff like "You know your friend Steph? She's kinda hot..." is gonna make you single faster than you can say "fuck me, I'm a douche."

1. The obvious answers are the best.

"Not as hot as you", "I haven't really looked", "Yeah they're all cool". "I'm your hottest friend" is a personal favourite.


2. Make sure you start small.

You can't say shit like "<Name>?! Ah hell yeah I'd bang her!" and then wonder why you don't have a girlfriend anymore.


3. Feel it out first.

Not being a dickhead is established so next you should answer truthfully but reserved, along the lines of "yeah she's okay".



4. Don't go into detail unless pushed.


"I dunno, I never thought about it" You're with her so there's no real need to go into too much detail, too much also makes it look like you've really thought about it.

5. Little compliments are key.

Simple shit like "I dunno, she seems like good craic" "She's pretty funny". Obviously don't get explicit here, tread carefully...

6. Always follow it with something you don't like about them.

There's always gonna be something annoying about a person so it's a good chance to vent while you're at it. That'll get her off your case. Unless you start ranting for a while, then it looks like you definitely have a thing for her friend.


7. Tell your gf why she's better.

You're going out with her so obviously she's the best of the bunch. TELL HER THIS.

8. Ask her what she thinks of your friends.

Seriously only do this if you can actually handle the answers. When you've answered a few questions, or maybe you don't know how to answer one of them, divert the conversation. Again do not do this if you get jealous easily. Otherwise avoid it at all fucking costs. Good luck!

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