Why Everyone Should Date Someone Famous

So you won a competition to have dinner with Emma Watson, Great! Or James Franco keeps liking your pics on Instagram, even better! But why date a famous person? Here at Collegetimes.com we believe that everyone should date someone famous at least once in their life. And we have good reason.

1. Money

Obviously. Celebrities tend to have money. Everyone loves money. So naturally this is the first reason to date someone famous. Think of the fabulous cars, houses, dinners and champagne. Yep, definitely the top reason.

2. Looks

Generally famous people are incredibly beautiful. You'll never feel as hot and bothered when you're dating Bradley Cooper or holding Selena Gomez's hand. If you're just in it for the dollars however, then this doesn't apply to you. But think of it as a bonus!


3. Experience the World

They'll fly you out on their private jet to five star hotels to hit the most exclusive clubs around the world. You'll party with Charlie Sheen in L.A, do shots with Paris Hilton in Manhattan and be taught to DJ by Davie Guetta in Ibiza, all in the company of your beautifully-famous other and it'll be fucking fantastic.

4. The Opportunities

It won't be long before you'll start appearing as "Harry Styles new girlfriend" in The Daily Mirror. Four-figured endorsement offers will start pouring in from QVC with their new Magic Mop. Vivid Entertainment will be calling you every waking hour to sell that dodgy tape you made with James Franco. And in no time you'll be getting calls for commercials in Japan.


5. The Post-Break Up Reality Show

If you date this famous person long enough offers will swoop in from TLC, BBC Three and the E! Channel. They surely want to follow your every move as you try to continue your fabulous lifestyle by being an actor/model or something. The pay will be alright and it may even lead on to bigger and better things, like Big Brother.

6. The Possibility of Meeting/Befriending Jennifer Lawrence


If for no other reason, Jennifer Lawrence. She's just tops. Meeting the Queen of the Internet is a probably the best reason for dating someone famous. Imagine all the fun you'll have together! Frolicking through meadows, pillow fights, hooking each other up at Coppers, endless craic altogether.

All Hail Queen Lawrence.

7. The Awesome Date Nights.

Pizza and Netflix? Fuck no. 5 star restaurant dinner and a Premiere? Fuck yeah! But on that Gucci gown or Tom Ford Tuxedo you're in for a cosy night among the stars. Red Carpet appearances and people cheering your (famous significant others) name is so much more craic than staying in and watching the late night movie on RTE.


8. The Glamour.

Chanel this, Armani that, nothing feels better than tailored clothes and having the best of everything! It's all thanks to dating your famous other who is MORE than happy to wine and dine. So go on and be apart of the Cinderella story.

9. Exquisite Holidays

All those premieres and club appearances have tired you out. Tell your famous significant other this and you'll be flown out to unwind and relax in the Bahamas. Or maybe go for some hardcore shopping in Paris. Either way, room service is on them. And any opportunity for room service should never be missed.


10. Cars

Need to pop to the shops for some milk? Borrow the Ferrari sure, or ask Winston to drive you in the limo. He is the mansion head Butler at all. It's his job to serve you... kind of.


11. The Mansion.

They own a serious gaf. There's certainly no Ikea furniture in here, all toilet facilities are made from pure gold and the pool only has Evian water in it. This will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland and it's pretty fucking cool. While they're off learning their lines for the next Hollywood blockbuster go for a stroll in their personal art gallery.


12. The Butlers/Maids

Too lazy to turn on the emerson? Get Winston to do it. My laces won't tie themselves. Where's Winston? I have to blow my own nose? WINSTON? Having someone at your service 24/7 is a luxury we shouldn't have to live without. People like Winston are really good at handing you towels, making your bed and catching the offo before it closes. Definitely a good quality of dating someone famous.

13. The Grub

Say goodbye to the days of Chicken Fillet Rolls, McDonalds Meals Deals and shopping in Aldi. It's lobster sprinkled with diamonds from here on up! Your body will thank you for the delicious and nutritious food served to you. More than likely there will be a 24 hour chef in the mansion anyway. If that's not a good reason, I don't know what is.


14. The Booze

Forget about tesco vodka and four euro rosè. You will only drink from fountains of champagne in the company of your famous other. After all if your going poison your liver, than you might as well do it with class.

Leave the Dutch at home lads.

15. The Sense of Security


Not particularly between you and your famous other, they'll be busy working on their new album. But with the 8 foot, Shrek-resembling security squad they'll supply you with to ensure you safety. Not that anyone would be trying to hurt you otherwise. But you'll look like a fucking Badass anywhere you go.

Wear big ass Sunglasses to increase appearance.

16. Pastimes.

A professional massage in the morning. Followed by golf on P-Diddy's yacht in the afternoon and then maybe some light shopping on Rodeo Drive, and it's only Monday. Because your dating famous significant other doesn't feel you should work in McDonalds a single day longer! Go on, indulge.

Try rolling around in money, it's awful good craic.

Catherine Munnelly
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Catherine Munnelly is a colourfully-haired UCD graduate with a degree in reading books. A pint-sized bundle of wisdom, she has mastered the game of Flip-Cup, enjoys the company of bearded-men and despises rude people. When she's not writing or talking about her dog, you'll find her wandering around Europe telling folk that Leprechauns exist and Bono's her uncle.
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