How Young Is Too Young To Get Married?

The world has changed quite a bit in the last thirty years. Take a look at your parents. In their time it was completely normal to be married and expecting at twenty years old or slightly younger. Today the average age of marriage is twenty-eight.

Back then there was much more of a focus on starting a family because it was respectable for people. It was odd for people to be living by themselves and a mixed living situation was almost scandalous up until the sixties, even a little after. Education takes up a much larger role today and the focus is on getting a good job. The world became so much easier to access than it was that people must have realized there's more to it than your hometown.

It seems insane to me anyway that people that young were getting married and having a family. Right now I'm twenty two and just a year out of college. People twenty or younger seem so young to me that I don't even envy them. Now imagine being married at nineteen and people expecting you to have your first child in the near future. I turned nineteen in first year. I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing and was just kind of winging the future. The absolute farthest thing from my mind was starting a family.

It might just be me but thirty seems like a good age to get married. Your twenties are for travelling and experiencing the singlehood lifestyle while building a decent career for yourself. I'm twenty two and I can't even take care of myself and I think that I have a lot of maturing to do before marriage is even an option. Why do you think so many people in sitcoms nowadays are pushing thirty or already past it? It's the relatable social expectancy now, not to have your life together.


Sure some people aren't wired with my mindset. There are people from my old school that have kids and are married, that are the same age as me. Some of them didn't go to college and had already gotten themselves a decent job and a good start to adulthood. It depends on if you're comfortable. Getting married while in college just seems insane because you haven't even begun. You're working towards or have just gotten your degree and you now know your career field. There's still so much to do before you can start being a proper adult.



But those people seem happy enough to have their job and family. There's no perfect age to get married, if you've been with someone long enough and love them then that's the next step but people seem to be so different at thirty than we in our early twenties. It could just be the difference ten years has made to society but they seem like actual mature adults, like there's still plenty of time before I have to get serious about life. Twenty six seems like a decent halfway point. Any younger than that and you're probably still figuring shit out and getting rid of that wanderlust. Older than twenty six and you're facing thirty, the closer you get to it the closer you're getting to the social average.



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