Your Daily Life In Gifs

Two second reactions that perfectly match yours...

When you're describing your trip to Lidl:

When you’re hungover and someone mentions brunch:

When someone sends you a really long email:


When the pizza delivery guy rings the doorbell:

When you were little and you heard a curse word:

Warm buttered bread…


Slow jamming until you get to the part of the song you like:

When you can smell your neighbors having a BBQ:

When someone interrupts your daydreaming with a real-world question:


When you want something, but they said they've none left:

When you get out of work:

When you feel yourself being really annoying, but can’t stop:


When you're fighting with someone you still really fancy:

When you're being born:

When the quiet friend in your group makes a good comeback:

When a little kid is telling you a story and you can’t understand them:


Via PleatedJeans

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