Why you're forever stuck in the Friendzone

It's happened yet again you've heard "You're such a good friend" so many times by this stage that your genitals may as well go back inside you, but why does this keep happening?


You hesitate that night that you knew you should of leaned in, well you should of now she's off with yet another bag of douche.

You are at her beck and call, when she calls stuck in town you immediately hop in the car and pick her up. You even hold her hair back while she vomits all over your car. For shame.


You have sleepovers constantly but the ones with all of the spooning and no of the forking.

You listen and give advice about all her shitty shiftees being the shoulder to cry on but not the rebound to get under.

She calls you her gay best you are straight you've become as sexual as a wet paper bag to her.


You're literally Duckie from 16 Candles.



Chloe Christie
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Student at I.A.D.T, lover of the Dangerzone.
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