You're An Irrational Idiot: 5 Signs They Aren't Cheating

Generally speaking, most people will fear that their other half is doing the dirt at some stage. It's not a nice feeling being suspicious of your partner, but it's mostly based on nothing. Film and television has sensationalized romance and monogamy and now we all think everyone is having an affair. I can't comment universally, but you're probably a total idiot and your just ignoring rationality in favour of stupidity. Here are 5 signs that they aren't actually cheating.

1. They Leave Their Phone With You

This is a pretty big one. If you're suspicious, then see if they're leaving you in the room with your phone. If your significant other is bringing their phone to the toilet with them or when they leave the room for just for a moment, then maybe you have something to worry about. But don't panic, it could just be a habit.

2. They Leave Their Facebook Logged In

Another sign of infidelity which is indicative of the impact social media has on our modern-day interactions. If you're going to cheat these days, chances are you're doing it via some form of social media or electronic format. If your boyfriend/girlfriend is confident enough to leave themselves logged into Facebook when you're around, they're indicating that they have nothing to hide.

3. They Actually Are Where They Say


It's end of term and they have loads of exams. When they say they're staying late in the library to get some study done, then the chances are they're staying late in the library to get some study done. Stop freaking out and just trust them. It's very easy to assume he/she is off with another person, but maybe you should actually use some logic before you flip out.

4. They Seem Relaxed Around You

If they text when you're beside them and are quite open about their plans, then they probably have nothing to hide. If you ask them what they're doing for the weekend and they take suspiciously long to work out what they're doing, don't jump to conclusions. He/she isn't working out if they have plans with their fuck-buddy, they may just not be able to remember. Jumping to conclusions is not what you want to do in this situation.

5. They Have Other Issues In Their Lives

If there's a lot going on in their lives, then you have to be aware of that. If they're vague or consistently distant with you, just assess everything in their life and work out the most likely cause. Talk to them about it and work it out. Don't assume they're staying quiet and withdrawn because they're cheating and feel guilty or whatever. That's crazy talk. They might be homesick if you're at college or just have personal issues that they don't particularly feel like sharing with you.

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