YouTube's Redesigned App Will Finally Solve All Our Vertical Video Problems

Nope, don't get too excited just yet. YouTube may have announced a new design to the mobile app, but they're yet to let us listen to music without having the app open on our phones. God damn it.

However, they have launched a new and improved version of the app which allow users to watch videos in a vertical format (basically the way you'd normally hold your phone) without making the screen all small and shitty. Yay, we think?

The new design was announced by YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki at this year's VidCon in Southern California. She said they're aiming to make the mobile app their priority as over half of their views come from mobile users.

Wojcicki also assured that the redesigned app will make it easier to upload and edit videos directly from your phone to YouTube, and will include basic editing and filtering tools.


If you're still confused as to what the fuck will actually be different about the redesigned app, check out the video below to see what the issue is with vertical videos.


Olivia Dawson
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