You've Been Caught By The Blue Tick... Whatsapp Adds New 'Message Read' Feature

No one is safe from creepy guys and stalker ex-girlfriends anymore thanks to what can only be described as a ploy by Mark Zuckerburg to check if his ex (the one who he started Facebook just so he could creep on) had actually read the thousands of unanswered Whatsapp messages he has been sending her...

For me, this update will only make getting rejected that little bit more difficult, in times gone by I could always cling onto the hope that maybe, somehow, she never received my embarrassing confession of love at 4am... Maybe she lost her phone? Maybe she got in a horrendous car accident? Maybe her 3G signal isn't great?

What little bit of hope us single males once had has now been dashed... and you can thank Whatsapp for that!

WhatsApp will now finally allow users to see if a message that they have sent to their contact has been read. WhatsApp has updated its FAQ page and it includes this new ‘Read Message’ feature.


Back in the old days (two days ago) WhatsApp only showed two check marks next to a message and while some have taken this to mean as a ‘Read Receipt’ that’s not true. The first tick is to indicate that WhatsApp’s servers have got the message, the second means that the recipient has got the message.

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