Another Winning Lotto Ticket Worth €10,000,000 Has Been Sold On O'Connell Street

Another Winning Lotto Ticket Worth €10,000,000 Has Been Sold On O'Connell Street

There must be something in the air here in Ireland, because the likely-hood of two massive wins in the lotto in just under one week is unheard of. Luck of the Irish, eh?

Not only is this shocking, but it also has me feeling even more stupid for not buying a lotto ticket after the first win, riding on that wave of wins.

The second ticket was sold smack bang in the center of the hussle and bussle of the country, in Spar on O'Connell street. This is a shop that most of us would walk by during a working week, so there's no way of narrowing down who won the millions.

The manager from the winning tickets shop, Barry Thompson told the Sun;

"There is a great buzz here in the shop. I employ around 15 staff and the sense of excitement here today is unreal.

"I am delighted for whoever the winner is, and wish them all the best with their new found fortune."

Last week, a syndicate of people bought the €175 million Euro Millions jackpot in Naul, North Co.Dublin, which marked the biggest win for an Irish player, EVER in the history of the Euro Millions, ranking them the 80th richest person in Ireland over night. Then, just a few days later an individual won €10m in the National Lottery.

This is a huge win for both the players, with eight new millionaires popping up around the country. Who knows, if you're a distant relation of any of them you might be able to pocket a few dolla.


The sales of lottery tickets around the country must be at an all time high at the moment, with everyone hoping they could be the next miraculous winner. The National Lottery was close to being shared, with a Limerick player nearly having all the numbers, bar one, winning himself a measly €87,000, in comparison to a could have been €10,000,000.

The winner of the National Lottery's €10m has made contact and is preparing to go collect their millions.

Go grab yourself a ticket before this golden streak runs out!

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