Gifts Not To Buy Her This Christmas

Gifts Not To Buy Her This Christmas

It's for your own good.

There are certain ground rules when buying presents for your other half. It's important to buy the right type of present depending on how long you've been going out for and how well you know them.  No matter what though, there are certain presents you should never buy.

We've listed the top presents to avoid, to help you get something she'll actually like.

1. A Paul's Boutique bag

Not only are they tacky as hell but they were cool back in 2009, come on lads.


2. A Nandos voucher


It's cheap, not thoughtful and is a sure fire way for a break-up.


3. Fluffy handcuffs

You may think this is super kinky and a definite way to heat things up, but in reality it's actually embarrassing and probably not something you want to open in the same room as your dad.


4. A tattoo of her name on your body


This is literally the stupidest thing in the whole world and you'll regret it if you ever break up. Also, you'd have to be a spa to think someone would like it.


5. An electric toothbrush

You're basically implying she has bad breath and come on, what a shite present.


6. Lingerie that is clearly made for men’s enjoyment


And she would never ever ever actually wear.


7. A bra

When you have no idea what her size is...


8. Workout gear


Unless she specifically asks for it or is a super gym bunny, it's implying she needs to workout aka she needs to lose weight aka you think she's fat. It's the way a girl's mind works.


9. Clothes

Unless you know her style and size down to a tee, this is a crap idea. Not only will it probably not fit but she might hate it.


10. Pets of any kind


This is a huge commitment and normally can't be returned once bought.


11. Tickets to something that's really for you

If it's concert tickets to your favourite band that you know she won't enjoy, this is selfish and basically a crap present.


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