Uproar As Dublin Bus Not Stopping For Students At UCD

Uproar As Dublin Bus Not Stopping For Students At UCD

Students from UCD have reported that there has been a number of occasions where buses have been driving straight by bus stops servicing UCD students after dark.

This has caused a number of serious concerns and safety risks among students at the college, as well as affecting local residents in the area.

There are a number of buses that service the N11 stop, the 11, 39a, 46a and the 145. Students have said they've been left waiting up to an hour for one of the buses to arrive, never mind if they decide to stop or not.

Students have reported that they have had to risk their safety, going out on to the road trying to wave down the buses, who drive straight by. Others have been advised to walk to the previous or the next stop on the route, but many students and residents feel unsafe walking along isolated roads in the dark.

Students have had to spend up to 50 euro or more to get themselves home, with some having to travel across the city to places like Swords to get home, costing them an arm and a leg, where they could have spent a fraction of the price.

Dublin Bus have told students that it is up to them to "appease the drivers" as they go by, to grab their attention or they will continue to drive on - which students claim to have done. The NTA have addressed the situation, saying that it is not up to the driver which stop they stop at and they must follow the route of the bus

Dublin Bus have said the reason behind the lack of buses servicing the main entrance to the college is that many bus drivers have experienced anti-social behaviour from students accessing transport after dark.


UCD President, Barry Murphy, disputes this, saying that there was one reported incident of anti-social behavior from a student on Dublin Bus, months ago.

The college has deployed security at the bus stop in order to control any anti-social behaviour from students boarding the buses. Barry Murphy told RTÉ,

 "One thing we want drivers to know is that UCD is a safe stop to stop at, the security is there and it will continue to be there for the foreseeable future,"

A campaign has been set up by students to reinstate the regular service of the N11 stop, which has affected many students and residents at UCD.

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