Maynooth Becomes First Irish University To Abolish Fines On Library Loans

Maynooth Becomes First Irish University To Abolish Fines On Library Loans

Hooray! Finally all them piled up library fines will be flushed away for Maynooth Students and they can return their books without fear of being robbed for forgetting about that book for only like.. a couple of months..

After fines for public libraries all over the country were abolished earlier this year, Maynooth is following by being the first academic Institute to get rid of over due book fines in their college library, effective immediately.

The University is hoping that this major change will encourage students to access resources and utilise the library as much as they can.

Fines have been known to dissuade students from using the library and taking out books, even though those who use the library are more likely to succeed in their course.

For students, library fines can be one of their biggest fears. Being shocked by a 50 euro fine for that book you took out two months ago is never a good way to start off the study season. I've seen cases of people having to fork out nearly a hundred quid while already struggling to make ends meet on a student budget.

In many colleges, not paying off your fines can result in putting your degree on the line, because many university won't allow students with fines to graduate.

Out of the 90,000 books that are borrowed from Maynooth's Library, 20% are returned late. You can only imagine the money student libraries make off forgetful, hungover students.


Commenting on the new protocol, Lorna Dodd, Head of Academic Services at Maynooth University Library, said:

“Maynooth University strives to do all we can to support students to succeed in their studies.  “From our experience, overdue books and outstanding fines often act as a barrier to students coming back to use the library and research has shown that students who use the library are more likely to be successful in their courses. We want to do all we can to support students in using the library effectively.

This is why we are eliminating fines on all standard loans. Students can now enjoy the library as a place of learning, information and communication without worrying about overdue fines.”

Now the library is fine-free, and hopes that students will be more likely to come in and use the library to their advantage, without the dread of fines.

Now it's up to the rest of Ireland's Universities to abolish their library fines and let us students learn freely!

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