Five Ways The Train Can Help You Make The Most Of Your Trip To College

Five Ways The Train Can Help You Make The Most Of Your Trip To College

As we all know, college can be a little hectic.

However, your trip from college back into the warm embrace of home doesn't have to be.

Especially if that trip is with Iarnród Éireann, because although student life can be hectic, Iarnród Éireann can make the commute between your home and college hassle-free and relaxing.

Also, with the amenities on board, Iarnród Éireann is there to make your life easier whilst your on your way to college.

Here Are Five Ways The Train Can Help You Make The Most Of Your Trip To College

1 - The Fabled USB Sockets

We've all been there. You're rushing out of the house, you've barely had time to get changed, never mind charge your phone for a busy day.


You drag yourself to the station, collect your ticket in the nick of time, rush into your carriage, park yourself in your seat and finally check your phone. At least that's the plan, but your phone is, like a Monty Python sketch, as dead as can be.

Thankfully, on Iarnród Éireann trains, you've got USB slots to beat the band. Just fire your charger in and get yourself connected with the outside world.

2 - Sweet, Sweet Wifi

Listen, we both know as well as each other, being able to connect to wifi on public transport makes life around a million times easier (and genuinely, that's no exaggeration).

Taking the train means being able to sit with your laptop open and finish off (start up) those assignments that you forgot (avoided).

Using the train's wifi to do college work is like found money, you didn't know you had it but now, it's the most necessary aspect of your world.


3 - Luggage Space

You don't need to be worrying about your personal belongings when going across the country, that's just an unnecessary worry when you've already got enough on your plate.

On an Iarnród Éireann train, there's ample room for your luggage without you having to worry about where you put things or how you're going to lug them from your accommodation back to your mother's house.

With Iarnród Éireann, you can bring home as much dirty laundry as you could possibly dream of!

4 - Online Ticketing

Buying your student ticket online for Iarnród Éireann has never been easier. Just log on, choose your student ticket and you're away. No need to pour over the minutiae, just spend more time doing more important things, like studying, right?


Then, when you get to the station, collect your ticket and off you go. Transport made simple, just make sure you have your library books ready for the trip!

A Student ID is required when travelling on a student ticket, so you need a Student ID to avail of our student discounted fares.

5 - Reset the Batteries

We know that college life can be hectic. You can feel like you're going a mile a minute without any respite. With Iarnród Éireann, you can sink into your seat and take your mind off things. You can unwind and forget about the strife of life, just sit back and watch the world go by.

You can't work yourself into the ground at every waking moment. Sometimes, the batteries need to be reset, and with the amount of USBs and plug sockets on the train, there's a perfect opportunity for you to do so.


Sean Meehan

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