The 14 Most Cringeworthy Moments In Oscar History

Last night, the 88th Annual Academy Awards (otherwise known as the Oscars) were beamed around the world from the heart of tinseltown. While it’s always an evening of glitz, glamour and gratitude, it’s also known for something else: embarrassing moments. Even superstars aren’t immune to awkward blunders and historically the Oscars are full of slips of the tongue, the foot and especially the dress. To commemorate this, here 14 of the most awkward moments in Oscar history.

1. Rob Lowe singing “Proud Mary” with Snow White in 1989


Sued by Disney, arrested by the cringe police.

2. Bjork’s infamous 2001 swan dress



What was she thinking?

3. Adrien Brody forcing himself on Halle Berry in 2003


That’s one way to celebrate winning best actor.


4. Roberto Benigni climbing on the seats when he won in 1999


Well, you can’t get to the top without stepping on a few people.

5. When Angelina Jolie French kissed her brother



The Oscars’ most incestuous moment.

6. James Cameron saying he was king of the world when he won for Titanic in 1998


Quoting your own movie? Humble.




7. When Matt Stone and Trey Parker dressed as J-Lo and Gwyneth Paltrow in 2000



I can only commend their bravery.

8. When James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosted the Oscars in 2011


Honestly, whose decision was this?


9. A streaker crashing the 1974 Academy Awards


Complete with a peace sign, of course.

10. Jack Palance’s one-armed push ups



Pretty impressive for a senior citizen.

11. Jennifer Lawrence falling on her way to accept her Oscar in 2013



She was wearing a duvet to be fair.

12. John Travolta introducing Idina Menzel as “Adele Dazeem” in 2014


An incredible blunder from an incredible actor.


Incredibly creepy actor*

13. Neil Patrick Harris stripping down to his underpants at last year’s Oscars


Put a sock in it. Oh wait..


14. Every single one of Cher’s outfits


Her stylist needs a serious firing.


Credit: tenkaze2.

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