15 Different Kinds Of People Who Watch Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows in the world right now. With average viewing figures of 18.6 million people per episode over the course of season 4, it is also HBO's most popular show of all time, overtaking the Sopranos. Here are 15 different kinds of people who watch this show about dragons and shit.


The People Who Are Up To Date

The average fan who's up to date, through legal or illegal means, and is happy to just sit back and enjoy the show. They are also happy to discuss the events, just as long as it has been established how far along people are who are in the conversation.


The Bingers


They were slightly late to the party and probably heard off one of their friends how the good the show was, so they decided to give it a go. A week of sleepless nights later, with productivity at an all time low, they regret nothing.


The Book W*nkers

They sit through a conversation about last night's episode with a stupidly smug look on their face, because they've read all of the books and know exactly what going to happen.



The Spoilers

The spawns of Satan.


The Over-Thinkers


These people haven't read the books, but over analyse everything that happens in the TV show, trying to predict what is going to happen and working themselves into a nervous sweat in the process. They are always fighting an internal struggle of wanting to know what's going to happen against not spoiling it for themselves.


The Obsessives

Not too dissimilar to the over-thinkers, although they are more inclined just to focus on the events of the most recent episode. They believe that the show can do no wrong, and count down the minutes until the next one is aired, and can barely control themselves when it finally does.



The Purists

Contrary to the obsessives, they believe that the show can do no right. They've read all the books and give out profusely when even the tiniest detail varies between what is on the show and what is described in the books.


The People Just In It For The Sex


Admit it. We're all in it for the sex. Just some more than others.


The People Who've Watched It But Don't Like It

I have no words.



The 'Who's That Again?' People

They can never keep track of who is trying to kill who and who's part of which family. These people are the reason that the ability to pause live television was developed.


The Googlers


The kind of people who have to know everything about the events of the episode, constantly googling wiki pages and synopses from previous episodes if they aren't quite sure why that character is angry at that other character. They only thing is that they have to tread very carefully in the spoiler-ridden world of the internet.


The Overly Emotional People

Can often be seen writing very emotional tweets and statuses about the most recent episode affected, and will refuse to speak about it to anyone about it in the days after because they 'can't even'.



The People Who Dislike Tyrion Lannister

They do not exist. At least I hope they don't.


The People Who've Only Seen A Few Random Episodes


A very confusing group of people who's friends are all huge fans of the show, but they haven't really got into it, only seeing a random episode here and there when they might be over in one of the their friends' houses. Will be very annoyed at themselves when they do eventually get around to watching it properly and they realise that they have spoiled some major plot points for themselves by their reckless viewing.


The People Who Haven't Seen Any Episodes

If you are part of this group of people, then I am extremely jealous of you, because you still have it all ahead of you, and I strongly recommend that you start. Now if possible.

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