15 Things That Would Have Happened If Mrs Doubtfire Was Set In 2017

15 Things That Would Have Happened If Mrs Doubtfire Was Set In 2017

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It's been nearly 24 years since Mrs. Doubtfire aired and like a fine wine, Euphegenia Doubtfire does not age. The comedy that gave us Daniel's hot flashes, drive-by fruitings and the hilarious scene where Mrs. Doubtfire's boobs catch fire still resonates to this day. While we acknowledge that this is all in theory as Robin Williams is sadly no longer around, we're going to pretend we live in a different universe for a moment and look at what life would be like for the Hilliards in 2017.

1. Instead of talking, the kids would have been glued to their phones the entire time, snapchatting their mates.

2. Miranda wouldn't have bothered taking out a newspaper ad for a housekeeper, she would have just availed of Gumtree.

3. And she would have limited the phone calls she received by including her email address as well.

4. She would also been more then a little concerned by some of the calls she received. "Ahh Leyla, get back into your cell, don't make me get the hose! Hello?''


5. Daniel definitely would have gotten a lot more than 300 dollars a week for his housekeeping duties.

6. Uncle Jack and Aunt Frank would have a huge following on Instagram thanks to their beauty expertise. They'd also be successful vloggers. #eyebrowsonpoint

7. All of the kids at Chris's birthday party would have added it to their Snapchat stories.

8. Remember when Daniel lost his job at the beginning of the movie? He would have gotten thousands of hits on YouTube if he had posted clips of his cartoon voiceovers.


9. Miranda wouldn't have a pager for work and instead would be communicating via Blackberry.

10... She'd no doubt be asking Lydia for advice on what emojis to use when whatsapping Stu.

11. Online beauty tutorials would have made it much easier for Daniel to maintain Mrs. Doubtfire's particular look.


12. The kids would be mad for snapchatting selfies with Mrs. Doubtfire, equipped with loads of little heart emojis.

13. Miranda would have asked Mrs. Doubtfire did she have Garda Vetting before offering her the job.

14. Daniel would never have got recipe tips from the TV, he would have just googled it.

15. The moment everyone discovered Mrs. Doubtfire was Daniel at Miranda's birthday dinner would have been caught on camera. And would have instantly gone viral.

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