15 Times Seth and Summer Gave Us Relationship Goals

The O.C. may be long gone but it's not forgotten. We'll never forget the teen show that gave us all that drama, indie music and teen angst. But what really lives on in our hearts is the relationship between Seth and Summer and how it basically defined love. Here are the 15 times that these two crazy kids gave us relationship goals.

1) When he kept her poem from sixth grade...

2) And she kissed him.

3) When he named his boat after her.

4) When he got on a coffee cart in front of everyone and demanded she acknowledge their relationship.

5) And she did.

6) THAT Spiderman kiss that made you think it might be a good idea to try and replicate. Spoiler - Don't do it.

7) When he had to admit that he had always loved her and your heart melted.

8) When they both knew who wore the pants in the relationship.

9) When she was crowned Prom King and he supported her in the cutest way possible.

10) When even Princess Sparkles and Captain Oats were meant to be together.

11) When they were all about the teamwork.

12) When they were just all kinds of adorable.

13) When Summer left but they both knew they'd go the distance.

14) When they were reunited and you couldn't help but swoon.
15) When they finally got married and we all shed a tear. Don't even pretend you didn't.

Sorcha Tyndall
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