19 Good Friday Memes That'll Speak To Your Catholic Soul

19 Good Friday Memes That'll Speak To Your Catholic Soul

It's Good Friday and you know what that means: fish and chip sales are up and occasional Catholics coming out of the woodwork to go along to mass with mammy. But if we're honest to ourselves, Good Friday is just another excuse for a day off and having cans with the lads. So in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit, amen, we bring you 19 Good Friday memes:

1. It's a good excuse for a day off, tbh

2. Ah, nice to see you could make it.


3. Crowds on Thursday at off-licences around the country:


5. Everyone's thoughts on Good Friday:


6. What we're really doing:


8. Dressing up for mass to impress your fam:


9. When you realise Jesus is the only reliable figure in your life




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14. Eating meat on Good Friday and you DGAF

15. Saying hi to your family on Easter weekend after a big Good Friday


16. Your mam on Easter Saturday

17. There's always someone who blesses you at a party

18. When the off-licence opens again

19. When you remember chocolate time is near

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