7 New Irish Tracks You Need To Hear This Week

7 New Irish Tracks You Need To Hear This Week

Although the arts in Ireland is continually overlooked by government after government, the musical output from our island hasn't been as varied and as exciting.

Every week, we at College Times will bring you seven new Irish tracks that are primed to go into your playlists. Listen, you don't have to thank us, we love what we do.

Aby Coulibaly - Taurus

'Taurus' is probably one of the most evolved debut singles you're likely to hear from Dublin singer-songwriter Aby Coulibaly.

Having featured on tunes with the likes of Zack Oke and Daire Patel, Coulibaly comes into her own on this R&B track. The piano-led instrumental, buffered beautifully by boom-bap percussion, is perfect for summer evenings.


Uly - i don't need to understand


Simply put, Uly is one of the grooviest musicians in Ireland. The multi-instrumentalist finds perfection in creating lush melodies that perfectly complement his smooth vocals.

'i don't need to understand' is a gem, a real Sunday morning tune, easy listening and infinitely groovy.



Biig Piig - Don't Turn Around

The London-based artist's 2020 has seen her take a decidedly experimental turn, and she's reaping the rewards.


'Don't Turn Around', much like this year's other single 'Switch', is a departure from her earlier output. That being said, the attitude change and genre-less nature of her past two tunes auger well for the future.


Brién - Mr Sunshine

Part of the Soft Boy Records family, Brién is another multi-instrumentalist who puts an emphasis on groove.

'Mr Sunshine' off his DIY VOL 1 EP is the perfect encapsulation of Brién's MO. It's brash, it's got brass, and it gets you jiving.



Sinead O'Brien - Strangers In Danger

Limerick artist Sinead O'Brien's output can't be genre-defined. Moreover, it's always a captivating journey.

'Strangers in Danger' contains an instrumental that at times sounds eerily similar to Rachel Stevens 'Sweet Dreams My LA Ex', but that has no baring on the content. O'Brien's lyrical content is jarringly real, it forces you to reflect on your reality and its mundanity.


Maverick Sabre - Don't You Know By Now

Maverick Sabre is an artist that can seemingly do anything. The New Ross man can shape himself into any genre and find home.


'Don't You Know By Now' is the opener to his You Know How It Feels EP and it slaps. The instrumental creates a dreamscape which Sabre sings over expertly in the chorus. The highlights are definitely the verses, when he speaks in that Wexford drawl.


JYellowL - Doesn't Feel Like

JYellowL has been one of the shining lights in Ireland's hip-hop scene for quite some time, and 'Doesn't Feel Like' is rallying cry about racism evident in the world around us.

The Kildare rapper has a consistent release calendar, with this new release being the most pertinent of his year thus far.



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