7 Reasons It's Ok For A Guy To Watch HBO's GIRLS

So have you watched the latest episode yet? No?

Well, thats ok...because this article doesn't contain spoilers about the brand spanking new episodes of Season 5 (mainly because I'm not there yet...I'm late to the party, but I come bearing my naked, liberated ass, and loads of 'I'm Sorry'-cake for all the modern feminists)

Instead, its an inward looking, soul-bearing examination of my own self...

Basically: Why am I, as a male person, watching Lena Dunham's 'Girls', and why is it OK that I do watch it.

Because it is. And if you're reading this and have a penis as well (and you're actually still reading this- good for you, you advanced-thinking penis-person, you) then let me show you why it's actually an awesome show!

1. It's Genuinely Funny

Since the dawn of 'talkies' (basically advanced, extra-dimensional GIF's from like a million years ago) theres always been that old chestnut that: 'Oh, girls aren't very funny.' Well, Lena Dunham is (And, to be fair, so was my old neighbour...but in a more unbalanced, smelling of piss and cough mints kind of way; she was 25).


In fact, Dunham's a very funny writer. The kind of 'actually-laughing-out-loud-in-real-life-even-though-you're-watching-it-on-your-own' kind of funny (Why is it hard to laugh at something when you're on your own? Am I a joyless individual? Do I need a crowd to justify humour? Should I just watch 'Girls' more? Yes, Yes and Yes, probably).


2. We See The Female Body As It Really Is...Like All Of It...

I think I'm now more familiar with Dunham's ass than my own. And it's not a bad ass. Y'Know, I've seen some asses before... I wasn't actually going anywhere with that.

Plus, it reinforces the kind of body image ideal that's more based in actual real life, and away from the photoshopping 'Insta' Starlets, dipped-in-plastic-Porn Stars, and all the other kinds of girls that guys like to look at on their phones while they're taking a shit.


The female body is like our own, in that it can come in many shapes and sizes. And thats a good thing.

Actually, on the point about my ass: I very rarely, if ever see my own ass. I'm not flexible enough, and I'd probably be really disappointed if I did get to see it properly, face on, if you will. I've decided what it looks like (sculpted, god-like), and it's gonna stay that way in my head. Thank you for understanding, and for helping to continue this bum charade.

3. We Can Tap Into The Mind Of Today's Girl. Understand Them More. Empathy Guys, Empathy.

It fills you in on what it's like to be a 'Girl.' Granted, a 20-something English grad living in New York city 'Girl,' but it's still helpful nevertheless.

It's like when you unlocked all those 'Unlimited' cheats for Playstation when you were younger guys. Honestly! It's like, 'Ok, I'm going on this date with this girl, but I'm not nervous, because I'll know what she's actually talking about when she talks about her... 'stuff', and I half listen...plus I've got an AK47 with unlimited bullets if it all goes wrong (GamerBro Joke)'

Also, watch Gregory Peck's performance of Atticus Finch in 'To Kill A Mockingbird' to learn about 'Empathy.' And to learn how to live *single tear*.




4. We Can Learn From Adam About How To Be Cooler, And Give Less Of A Shit.

Adam is cool. A bit wired, but cool. When Hannah is desperate to try and win his affection in the first season, he couldn't give two watery-shits. He takes it in his stride and carries on 'doing him' (figuratively and literally...there is a tonne load of sex in this. Just saying). We should all, as men, employ more chill. Not to the point of freezin' a bitch out, but just enough, y'know?

Apologies for the 'watery-shit' image.



5.Understanding Problems Specific To A Woman's Experience.

We're not the most perceptive of creatures, I know. We can sometimes find it hard to register things that are bubbling under the surface with you complicated 'Gals.' Some problems only apply to a girl's life and we can only guess sometimes. But watching a show like 'Girls' can help a brother spot them, and then help him to help you. Possibly in the most awkward way possible, but at least he'll try...

6.It Forces Men To Challenge The Way They Percieve Women In Comedy

Female humour has turned a corner is recent years. In that faraway land called the early 90's, female comedians talking about their period or whatever, was shocking and funny, because we lived in a patriarchal society where such low hanging fruit was considered taboo, and therefore really had to be broached and broken by female comedians. Now, female comedians can just express themselves like they're actually funny human beings (shock-horror). Dunham is queen in this regard.



7. It's Like An Entertaining Crash Course On Feminism

Yeah, I didn't think that sentence could exist either. I know... I am such a f*cking sexist. Or am I? I forget the parameters of modern gender relations. Best to brush up on 'Girls' like, right now (or Dunham's book, 'Not That Kind Of Girl.')


...*comes back after watching more Girls...wasn't f*cking bothered reading a book TBH...*


Ok, yeah I think like 90% of this article is sexist. I think? Girls, help me out in the comment section below.

So long bitches!


Video: Girls Season 1 - First Trailer


Credit: Jan Glockl

Stephen Brennan

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