Woah. Lastnight's GIRLS *Spoiler*

Right, So- first off Hannah flashes her Editor to deflect from a tense chat. She full-on uncrosses her legs, treating him, and us to a Basic Instinct inspired scene. Not surprising at all purely because it's Hannah. Poor old drippy 'good-guy' Fran then gets understandably angry when he hears this information, shouting; 'I hope you would know I don't want you to show your vagina to anyone but me!' . Hannah will not accept his argument and the pair of them go to see Adam perform in his new play.



Hannah sees Jessa with Adam and knows from the way that they are looking at each other that they are more than just friends. Of course she nearly loses her life over the fact that her ex- boyfriend is now sleeping with her ex- best friend. Personally, I feel really sorry for her over this. Firstly- Adam. What a big, filthy sexy MAN, I wouldn't be over him either. Then- Jessa, she epitomises that friend we all have and love to pieces but who makes us feel slightly inferior. And Jessa was REALLY mean to Hannah in that ice cream place the other week.



Ok NOW- Imagine being lumped with boring old jumper head Fran and seeing this pair of beaut's clearly in love right in front of your eyes. No, I cant. It's too much- POOR HANNAH! Even though, let's face it we cant be too harsh on Jessa because... as Adam said Hannah would probably do it to Jessa given the chance.

Later on, she bumps into Adam and Jessa leaving the play and the trio have a horribly awkward encounter with everybody being equally stuck for words. Marnie and Desi have to go on tour together, Desi starts getting notions about rekindling the fire (something he may well say) while Marnie is all biz-NISS about the whole thing. Ohhh my god. I am literally counting down the days until next weeks episode of Girls.

Video: Girls Season 5: Tease (HBO)

Credit: HBO 

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