6 Actors That Will Always Be Known As One Character

6 Actors That Will Always Be Known As One Character

A starring role in a film franchise or long-running television series is a dream for anyone in show business but it can have drawbacks. While it's great at the time, all things end, and actors can be stuck with one characters name over their head. Here are six examples of actors known for one character.

John Krasinski Jim Halpert

The American version of the Office is one of, if not the best comedy series ever made. The first show by the genius that also brought you Parks & Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Good Place is still gaining new fans even six years after the finale aired. Because of its enduring appeal, John Krasinski is going to be lovable paper salesman Jim Halpert for the duration of his movie career.

David Schwimmer Ross Geller

A lot of the main six of Friends have this problem. David Schwimmer in particular however. Maybe having to play a sociopathic moron for ten years took a toll, because we haven't seen much of the 'Divorce Force' since Rachel got off the plane. He voiced Melman the giraffe in Madagascar, and appeared in The People vs OJ Simpson, and very little else.


Kit Harington  Jon Snow

Richard Madden really had the perfect run on Game of Thrones when you think about it. Three seasons, two of them as basically the main character. He made George RR Martin himself regret not doing more with the character because he was so good. To top it all off, he got what you could definitely call the best death ever on the show (The Red Wedding). Now, Madden is getting some great roles in quality productions; lead in the series Bodyguard; a large role in Elton John's biopic Rocketman. All good stuff. Poor Kit Harington on the other hand, stuck it out until the end, and is now stuck as the "action hero but with a sword". All because he "didnt want it"


Jim Parsons Dr. Sheldon Cooper


Say what you like about The Big Bang Theory and its flaws, but Sheldon is a great character. A very satisfying character arc all through the show. (take notes Game of Thrones!). Its a career-defining role for Parsons and one that will stick to him forever, as will "Bazinga!"


Will Smith & Alfonso Ribeiro Will & Carlton

It may be off the air 23 years but the Fresh Prince is still popular as ever, thanks to the entire series being on Netflix. The impact of the show is best shown by a great story Will Smith told on the Graham Norton Show. Alfonso Ribeiro took Smith aside at the beginning of Fresh Prince and said, "make sure they call your character Will because thats what people will shout at you for the rest of your life". He went on to say that to this day Alfonso Ribeiro has people calling out "Carlton!"

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