Alan Partridge Sends Internal Email To All BBC Staff To Mark His Return Tonight

Alan Partridge Sends Internal Email To All BBC Staff To Mark His Return Tonight

The long-awaited TV comeback is upon us. 24 years since Alan Partridge first appeared on the small screen, the iconic character is returning to BBC tonight.

Ahead of his return, Alan Partridge has sent an internal email to his colleagues at the BCC encouraging them to tune in. In this email, Alan Partridge a parody of British television personalities played by actor Steve Coogan, informs his colleagues of his short term return to co-present a popular magazine show. He follows on to state that some of his colleagues made it clear when he left that he wouldn't be welcomed back and assures them that it's time for a clean slate and no hard feelings. He also hilariously states:

I reach out not to gloat, or to settle old scores, or say, ‘Hey Karen/Kate/Kath, why don’t you kiss my arse – but to be the bigger man and clear the air of any residual stench.”

Absolutely adore Alan Partridge has just sent an internal email to all BBC staff. pic.twitter.com/7WsaXXihv2

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This Time With Alan Partridge starts tonight on BBC One at 21.30 pm and will be a parody of evening magazine shows, like The One Show. Partridge will be co-hosting with a male and female presenter and the six-part series will focus on current events like Brexit and the Me Too movement. In a recent interview with Marc Maron on his WTF podcast, actor Steve Coogan described Alan Partridge with the following:

He’s sometimes ignorant and prejudiced but he tries to do the right thing. Early on we made him too predictably conservative a bit like shooting fish in a barrel – a caricature. Whereas now we do him as someone who realises that he’s got to get on message. He’s struggling to do the thing he’s supposed to.

After this long absence, we cannot wait for Alan Partridges unique take on current affairs.


Tune in to BBC One at 21.30 pm tonight. The perfect Monday evening pick me up.

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