You Need To Watch Netflix's New Thriller About An Irish Murderess

You Need To Watch Netflix's New Thriller About An Irish Murderess

When it comes to gripping true crime tales, Netflix delivers them in buckets. Back in July, we brought you the trailer from Alias Grace and we weren't wrong when we guessed what a success it was going to be.

Alias Grace is the second TV adaptation of a Margaret Atwood book this year and people are loving her work. Based on the true story of an Irish immigrant Grace Marks who became a convicted murderer, Alias Grace rests on whether Grace committed the murder of her employer and employer's housekeeper, with the help of the family's stablehand, or whether she was an accessory to the crime. Is she lying or telling the truth?

Through first person accounts, the miniseries delves deep into her past - she is victimised by an violent father who tried to rape who and is forced to work endless hours as a maid.

The drama debuted on Netflix on November 3 and it sparked rave reviews. The Irish Independent called it "superb" and said it deserved to generate the "same kind of popular buzz the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale." The Guardian said it was "poignant" and deems Sarah Gadon, the actress who plays Marks, as "superb."


It'll be interesting to see whether Alias Grace bags as many awards as The Handmaid's Tale did but it's definitely emulating it's hype.

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Niamh Burke

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